Revelation or Bust

October 3rd, 2011 2 comments

RoB LogoInstead of doing yard work, I moved my Bible translation project to its own site:

Over the next few days I’ll be removing the duplicate posts, pages, and comments here so Gigagiggles readers don’t have to sift through ancient texts to find the funny.

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Trash or Treasure?

September 19th, 2011 Comments off

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!I have a new article that is this week’s featured essay in Cardus’s online Comment magazine. Comment is a great magazine full of thoughtful content all the time, and I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to participate. Their tagline is “public theology for the common good.”

My article is “Trash or Treasure – Video Games and the Cultural Mandate.“ It’s about the intersection of video games and theology and is a defense of Christians of integrity who play even violent video games. It deals directly with many of the concerns people including gamers have about gamers and provides some solid tools for thinking actively about video games. It’s written from a Christian worldview, but it would be of value to anyone whose desire to be morally or socially responsible extends to how they entertain themselves.

From a Gigagiggles perspective it’s hardly giggly at all, but I announce it here just in case. If you like that article, you may like my other articles and whatnot on the Published page of my other blog.


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Mais Porquoi?

September 10th, 2011 1 comment

I call this photo exhibit, “Mon chien est gros, mais pourquoi?” For some reason, this is much funnier to me in French. Click the pictures for a rough translation.

Mon chien est gros, mais pourquoi?



Je vois que vous avez le petit déjeuner.



J'aime aussi le petit déjeuner.



Je tire des fléchettes d'amour à vous de mes yeux.



Vous êtes une personne merveilleuse.


The Ghost of Gigagiggles Past (7 of 7)

September 9th, 2011 Comments off

Boat in the WaterCalling
originally posted June 3, 2009

You live on the shore of a country where the wind is rare. To pass the time, you build a boat. The project is preposterous, and your friends are quick to tell you so. There is no wind.

You make yourself busy with the work of the day, and from time to time you return to the shore. Sometimes you work on the boat. Sometimes you sit in it and wonder where it would take you. Some days you can’t look at the boat because your desire for the wind is unbearable.

Then one day, as you like to think you knew it would, the wind comes.

Do you ask the wind if it will continue to blow until you reach safe harbor? Do you request that the wind return when your affairs are more ordered? Or, having the boat and the wind and suspecting you were born for it, do you set sail?

Note from the future: I sailed. :)

The Ghost of Gigagiggles Past (6 of 7)

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Four-Leaf Clover

Note from the future: This is crazy. Read this.

Supernatural Aid
originally posted October 10,2007

On Sunday, while waiting to go to the rehearsal for my best friend’s wedding, my six-year-old daughter and I goofed around outside. It’s October in Massachusetts (as it is in most other places right now) and there is clover everywhere. So I explained to my daughter about the four-leaf variety and she wanted to look for one.

After a few seconds of searching the hillside, I’d had about enough, and I told my daughter what we needed was a shamrock sensor. “You could sweep it around like this,” I said, making beeping noises. beep. beep. beep. She thought that was a great idea and began sweeping and beeping right along with me.

We laughed for a bit. Then I sighed and stopped and wondered how much more time we had to kill. She was still sweeping and beeping when I looked down and saw, looking right back up at me, I kid you not, a four-leaf clover.
Read more…

The Ghost of Gigagiggles Past (5 of 7)

September 7th, 2011 Comments off


Note from the future: This post from the original Gigagiggles predates the invention of titles. The laptop discussed below still sits in my office. I’m afraid if I disconnect it from the power grid, it will cause a disturbance I’ll have to answer for to Homeland Security.

Originally posted October 7, 2003

I’m getting a laptop tomorrow. It’s very exciting.

When I looked into laptops, I found there are two kinds: the kind that weigh 80 pounds and do tricks and the kind that weigh 3 pounds and you can skip very far if the lake surface is calm. I opted for the 80 pound version. Someone recommended I don’t actually use this particular laptop on my lap per se. Apparently the 80 pound laptops get very hot and humans, you know, are flammable.
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The Ghost of Gigagiggles Past (4 of 7)

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Dwarf Hunter

Note from the future: Some giggles are Middle-Earthy.

There and Not Quite Back Again
originally posted September 24, 2005

I mostly feel good. I have the occassional bout of what on earth am I doing? …I chose not to join my former colleagues in the return to Cyan on Wednesday.

The lay-off cracked open a door for me that couldn’t be forced shut again. Basically, this dwarf has spent too long in Rivendel. Elves are great, Elrond’s the best, but I’ve got dragons to slay and mountains to reclaim and I feel like I’m gettin’ soft with all the dancing and good eats.

So when everyone else turned around and headed back, I hoisted my pack and kept going. Don’t know what’s over there, but the horizon is too tempting.

I’ll try to send letters back from the front, when I find it…

The Ghost of Gigagiggles Past (3 of 7)

September 5th, 2011 2 comments


Not Recommended
originally posted August 23, 2005

If Amazon really wanted to make a buck, they should occasionally tell me that a book would be wrong for me:

Bill, this book is not recommended for you. Here’s why.  If you’re not Bill, please click here.

I wouldn’t be able to not click “Here’s why.”  Then they’d be all, “Well, we just don’t think it’s your type…you know…it’s kind of edgy…and the writing style, well, it’s an acquired taste.”

And I’d be all, “You don’t know me Amazon!  Give me that book!”

They’d pack it up and ship it, chuckling all the while.

I’d probably hate the book.  But at least it would have been my decision.

Stupid Amazon. Telling me what I don’t like. I’ll not like what I choose to not like. End of discussion.

The Ghost of Gigagiggles Past (2 of 7)

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Warning: Love

Timequakeoriginally posted August 14, 2005

I’ve always liked Kurt Vonnegut’s writing style.  Absurd situations punctuated with moments of poignancy – his stories match my experience.  Life is bizarre, inscrutable and occassionally, momentarily, incredibly beautiful.

In Timequake, speaking in his own voice, Vonnegut tells of a real conversation he had with his dying ex-wife: Read more…

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